"There is a sacredness in tears. They are not the mark of weakness, but of power. They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues. They are messengers of overwhelming grief... and unspeakable love.” - Washington Irving

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Unconditional Love of a Sister, an Aunt

Ate Belle... my dearest older sister who, ever since the announcement of Jhon and I's pregnancy, have been the most thrilled and most vocal of her excitement. Since day one, we never felt anything but unconditional love and support from her. We will never forget the night by the Rockwell Christmas tree, when she greeted us with the tightest and longest hug. Even without saying a single word, she made it known that she loved us and that she was very happy for us. We all had happy tears. She made the journey for us nervous soon-to-be parents smooth-sailing and so much more fruitful.

Jhon and Ate Belle's Miguelito are very close. Jhon feels a deep connection towards him... he feels he needs to fill that void in Miguel. He remembers the day he told our nephew Miguel, that we were going to have a baby. It was the end of November 2009 while helping our Mama arrange Christmas decorations in Greenhills, Jhon carried Miguel, sat him on his lap and announced the good news. "Miguel, I'm going to tell you something. It's good news! You are going to be Kuya soon!"

His eyes lit up while at the same time still trying to comprehend the whole situation. "Tita Jet and I are going to have a baby," Jhon continued.

Still very fresh in Jhon's mind, he recalls how excited Miguel was to tell his cousins. "Can I tell Ate Cielo and Daniela?"

These bittersweet memories will live forever in our hearts. The beauty and joy little Angel Marcus brought to all of us is magical.

Here below is a letter from a loving sister, a loving aunt, sharing her joys and pains in losing a nephew... a son. When I asked Ate Belle to say something with Ate Mache for little Marcus at his service, she simply said still very much distraught, "Hindi ko yata kaya."

I understood from there that her aching heart won't be able to muster the pain. But the next day I was deeply touched when the event coordinator revealed during the service, "... their sister Belle will say something." I thought maybe she made a mistake.

Ate Belle is an orchestrator, she works very well behind the scenes. The main reason why baby Marcus' service turned out to be beautiful. That's her gift. But that day, the day we laid our little Angel Marcus to rest, she spoke in front of everybody and proclaimed her love for him.

Until now, going through her letter again and again, we can't help but shed a thousand tears. We cry because we feel how much she loves us. We cry because we feel how much she loves our darling Marcus.

Thank you Ate Belle, we are forever grateful! Thank you for letting us document your letter to the world.

Ate Belle's love:

A child is a gift from God. And to be asked to return the gift after a fleeting moment, is a painful process we can only imagine... And yet to Jet and Jhon, we thank you, for generously and lovingly sharing your handsome baby Marcus to us, your most precious gift. Marcus is truly a symbol of LOVE.

Looking back in October 2009, Jet and Jhon happily announced to the family the joy of being blessed to be parents. Anticipating Marcus’ arrival in April brought so much excitement to the whole family. Marcus was the answer to our long wait to have another precious baby in the family... a baby to smother, kiss, cuddle, pinch, pamper, adore and love. His coming arrival brought so much joy not only to first time parents Jet and Jhon, but to the whole family. For the eager and overly excited kids in the family who couldn’t wait for Marcus to come out, for them it means more than a new cousin, but more like anticipating the arrival of a new brother. And to us, titas and titos, it’s having more than a new nephew but another son in our growing families. And for Grandma Myrna, the bliss of having another precious gift to spoil and love unconditionally...

However, God had a different plan for Marcus. He was first asked by the Lord to leave, as we are left here to grieve. But your short, fleeting moment with us Marcus will forever leave an imprint in our lives. And though our arms are empty, in our hearts is where you will forever be.

Tita Belle is honoured to be your Ninang, as I witnessed Fr. Santos baptize you as you gave your last breath in the arms of your most loving Mama and your deeply bereaved Papa. That moment will be forever etched in my memory and it has forever changed me. You Marcus, have been given to us by God to always remember that LOVE truly is the greatest gift. The love and joy you gave to your parents, the immeasurable, unconditional love of your Mama and Papa for you, and the most special and unique way you have showed your angelic presence in our family. You are our angel of LOVE Marcus, and as Kuya Miguel said, picturing a cute cherub in his mind, he is now our family’s cupid. Your short stay with us Marcus, is a priceless gift.

Quoting our Kuya Ken, “Jet and Jhon, we can’t find the right words to say at this very sad, heartbreaking moment...” Truly, what do you say to such great loss?

We feel the loss of Marcus but we can only imagine the void in your hearts with the loss of your son.

We comfort ourselves with the fact that the short life of Marcus, and Jet and Jhon’s love for their beloved son and unwavering love for each other, has taught us again, the precious gift of life, the invaluable support for family, a parent’s love beyond compare, and the loving embrace and presence of God at our most difficult moment. As our 7-year-old Daniela said, “...I pray dear God that what happened to Marcus, T.Jet and T. Jhon will not happen to anyone anymore...”

To Marcus, our little Jaime, who is now with Papa Jaime, we love you very much. You are our darling angel and we thank you for showing us LOVE and for teaching us to hang on to FAITH and HOPE. You’ll always be our precious baby and in our hearts, you live on, always there, never, ever gone...

To Jet and Jhon, our love and prayers are always with you. We pray that the Lord help you overcome the loss, the sorrow and the sadness. And that you strengthen your faith in the Lord and to look forward, not backward, to look up, and not down. Marcus is lucky to have wonderful, loving parents like you. We all miss Marcus but in God’s time we will all see his handsome face again, happy, smiling, with no tears, no pain, jubilant to see his family again.

Rest in peace, our little angel Marcus.



  1. WE LOVE YOU Jet, Jhon and little Angel Marcus!!! As they say, the day God showered the earth with His blessings of love of family, nasalo namin lahat ni Miguel! :D We are sooo grateful and happy to have you in our lives. Thank you too for your unconditional love.

    ♥ A. Belle and Miguel

  2. We thank God everyday for the gift of you and Miguel! :) As well as the whole family. We are truly blessed! :)