"There is a sacredness in tears. They are not the mark of weakness, but of power. They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues. They are messengers of overwhelming grief... and unspeakable love.” - Washington Irving

Friday, March 02, 2012

Marcus' Remembrance Day 2012

At 5:30 in the afternoon, to start our little angel's commemoration day, a Holy Mass was celebrated by Fr. Maxwell. I wish I got the chance to record his homily, it was beautiful. He said that we remember and celebrate Marcus' birthday not to pray for him in hopes of him getting to heaven, but we pray for him to pray for us who are still here on earth. It is already a given that he is with God in paradise, and we pray for him - as our intercessor - up in heaven. We need him to pray for us and whisper to God for us.

Beautiful isn't it?

When the Mass ended, we prayed our special Prayer for Marcus. I printed a copy for everybody so each one of us can pray intently for our baby.

Then after the prayer, we released his signature baby blue and white balloons. These balloons included prayers of love - a quiet prayer in each of our hearts expressing our love for our baby Marcus.

30 baby blue and white balloons were released for our little angel

An intimate dinner with close family and close friends followed. Marcus' cousins (Ate Mica, Ate Elisse, Ate Bea, Ate Cielo, Kuya Miguel, Ate Daniela, Kuya Maxi, Baby Magnus) were all there to celebrate.

Side note, a beautiful story:
Before dinner started, my 10 year-old niece, Cielo, went up to me and said, "Tita Jet, I have a gift for Marcus." 
I responded with, "What is it? Is it a love note or a card?" (She loves making handmade cards and love notes) 
She said, "No... me! I'm the gift. Because I am here for his birthday!"
How sweet is that?! A heartfelt and pure sentiment from a sweet little girl. Where did her innocent thoughts come from? Did our baby boy whisper to Cielo to say those words to me? Angels were present on that day.

And what a beautiful sunset. The day was bright without a single raindrop (despite the gloomy weather forecast). From the afternoon till night time it was cool and breezy. The night was clear and bright. A beautiful Sunday.

The food: catered by The Red Chef (very patient and accommodating despite the windy night)

Dinner with my siblings - Ate Mache, Ate Belle, and Chebs who brought their family (my in-laws Lizza, David and nieces & nephews).

From left to right: Fr. Maxwell, Ate Mache, David, Ate Belle, Atty. Agnes, Atty. Blanca

Pretty nieces, the Ates - Mica, Bea, Elisse

Uncle Bonx (Chebs) with Mica

With close friends: (from left to right) Papa Jhon, Christian, Patricia, Anastacia, Mike

Same friends with Mama Jet this time

The group under the beautiful night's sky

Ferdi followed not so late that evening, as well as my bestie, Mela (who came from the airport straight from Singapore). OJ and Charlene went too. And my dear cousin Ate Dot came with her friend Chris. Grandma Myrna also sent us (via driver) her gift and a love note - she apologized that she couldn't join us.

Overall it was a gorgeous night. Jhon and I were happy that our family and friends were there for our baby Marcus.

It is a tricky (yearly) event, our baby boy's birthday. Do you celebrate a birthday? It is quite tricky asking people to celebrate with us. Here it is -- simply put, it is a remembrance. We remember the short but meaningful life of our little angel. We remember that we was here and we remember our love for him. We remember that he matters. We remember him.

Happy birthday my baby Marcus! You are very much loved :)