"There is a sacredness in tears. They are not the mark of weakness, but of power. They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues. They are messengers of overwhelming grief... and unspeakable love.” - Washington Irving

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ate Mache's Love

We are truly blessed to have such a loving and supportive family... especially now during this very trying moment in Jhon and I's lives. I cannot help but thank our little Marcus for the love that envelopes us... his magnificent gift of bringing out the best in people and the unconditional love our loved ones show for each other.

Looking back to when we told Ate Mache about the good news of Marcus last October 2009, we remember how confidently happy she was for us even saying, "I knew it, I kinda had a feeling. No wonder you were gaining weight!" She was the first one we told in the family. There was no doubt in our minds that she and Ate Belle would be ecstatic. The two Ninangs that we planned to be, and in our hearts, the true Ninangs of our dear son Marcus.

When Jhon and I decided to conduct a service for our baby Marcus, still confined at the hospital just one day after the loss of our son, I asked my dear sister Ate Mache, to make a video presentation of our Angel using the song "Gone Too Soon." Despite her busy schedule, without question, she willingly complied.

The day we got discharged from the hospital, Ate Mache was the one who went straight to Heritage Park to ensure that little Marcus will be ready for us to view when we see our son once again. She also took care of all the arrangements for the service.

February 9, during our little Angel Marcus' service, Ate Mache's message was immensely heartwarming. She spoke extemporaneously and relived the night we lost baby Marcus. We knew how hard it was for her. We remember how she went back and forth, from me at our room, to Jhon at the neonatal nursery to make sure we were okay. We can't even start to conceive how Jhon and I would've handled the tragic news if Ate Mache was not there with us. Like she said, "Being a mother of 4 daughters, I can imagine how difficult it was for Jhon and Jet."

What amazed us the most was when she accompanied little Marcus to Heritage Park at around 1 a.m. to make sure everything was in place and baby Marcus was safe. She could not summon herself to leave him and stayed till 6 a.m. telling Jhon the next day, "Hindi ko siya maiwan. He looks like he was just sleeping."

Watching the video brings tears to our eyes. Ate Mache could not have done a better job... Marcus' pictures are perfect, the beautiful words about an angel, it truly defines how our baby Marcus is.

The meaning of an “angel” is the confirmation of God and His celestial power…

Likewise, an angel is a blessed being who has severed all ties with this nether world…

Has been released from the chains of self and the desires of flesh…

And anchored his heart to the heavenly realms of the Lord…

Thank you Ate Mache for the love. Thank you for helping us share Marcus' memory to everybody through this video presentation. You stayed up till 12 a.m. with Alain and Gina to make certain the AVP was done in time for the service. Thank you to Alain for extending his photo editing skills to Ate Mache. Marcus' pictures are beautiful... he is so handsome. Thank you!

Below, see Ate Mache's love:


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