"There is a sacredness in tears. They are not the mark of weakness, but of power. They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues. They are messengers of overwhelming grief... and unspeakable love.” - Washington Irving

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day 9 Mass Offering - Blessing of Baby Marcus' Sanctuary

We are relieved. This afternoon was our baby Marcus' 9th day of novena/mass offering... we celebrated Holy Mass at our place to make sure our little angel's sanctuary was properly blessed. Jhon and I are touched that our Mama, Kuya Ken and Joanne, Ate Mache, Ate Belle, Mica, Bea, Cielo, Daniela, and Miguel were able to join us. Tita Marissa and Suzette together Rose and her daughter came as well. They all got to see our 'dedication of love' for our little darling.

Fr. Gener, was one of the priests who celebrated mass and blessed our Marcus during his 8 days at the chapel. We particularly loved his homily and the sincerity of his personal prayer for our baby when he was blessed. He even kissed our baby's urn twice upon blessing him. He found our baby's story to be deeply emotional. Jhon and I knew right there that we wanted him to hold our little angel's 9th day Holy Mass and blessing. And we were fortunate enough Fr. obliged us with a few hours of his time for our dear baby Marcus.

During the mass, Fr. read his very special homily for little angel Marcus. What he wrote brought tears to my eyes yet comfort in my heart that God is there... and that our little angel is safe in His arms in heaven. Thank you Fr. Gener, we are truly grateful. Thank you for making our baby's 9th day extra special.

Homily on the occasion of Marcus Jaime's 9th day:

During the last week as each of us considered the untimely death of baby Marcus Jaime our hearts have been full of questions - chief amongst them being "how did this happen?" and "why did this happen?" These questions have not only been in the hearts and minds of Jhon and Marjorie and their families, but upon the lips of many of you who are here today.

We are not her today to answer these questions - even if we could. Rather we are here to mourn - to mourn and to commend Marcus Jaime into God's care, and to ask God to help us - and most especially help Jhon and Marjorie through their grief.

In the most beautiful of gardens, even those tended by the most skillful of botanists, there is an occasional rose that buds, but never opens. In all respects the rose is like all the others, but something keeps it from blooming. It fades away - or disappears - without having reached maturity.

What happens in nature's garden happens once in a while also in the garden of God's human family. A baby is born, beautiful, precious, but fails to come to its rightful unfolding. This child, like the bud that never fully opens, is gathered back into God's heavenly garden of souls.

Today we mourn our loss of a child. You weep, just as Jesus himself wept at the death of his friend Lazarus. Even if we knew the answers to the questions that rise so naturally to our hearts and minds at times like this, there still would be no adequate explanation for this loss. It is painful.

There are angels above. Angels who watch over the little ones of this earth. Jesus speaks of them when he tells his disciples to be careful not to think less of little children simply because they are little children, for in heaven, he says, their angels continually see the face of the Father in heaven.

There is a special place in the heart of God and amongst the angels for the little ones of this world just as there is a special place in our hearts today for Marcus Jaime.

And so we weep at what has happened. And so too - God weeps with us.

What can be said that might ease the pain, the grief that you - and all of us feel today?

There isn't much we can say that will help. We can express our sympathy and sorrow. We can offer words of love, care and concern. We can say we will pray for you. But other than that we don't know what to say about these things.

It is important to know that God is for you. God did not do this to you. God did not will Marcus Jaime's death or your pain. But God is with you in the midst of it all and will help you through it. God is for you. What is more, God gave up his own son for us all.

Jhon and Marjorie, God understands your pain. God had a son who died also. Jesus died on the cross for us.

Now you may think, "Sure, but Jesus rose from the dead." Well, because Jesus rose to new life you can be confident that Marcus Jaime has new life also, one that can never be snatched away from him - or from you.

Today - in your grief - know - that there is another angel in heaven whose name is Marcus Jaime. Cling to that hope - that promise of our God - and allow your tears to wash away the pain in the days and months to come.

Thank you our dear family, for again being there for us. We are definitely blessed to have you in our lives. We couldn't do this without you. Thank you!