"There is a sacredness in tears. They are not the mark of weakness, but of power. They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues. They are messengers of overwhelming grief... and unspeakable love.” - Washington Irving

Marcus' Gifts

Tita Sherry's Gift for Baby Marcus

Sent straight from the U.S., Ate Sherry bought baby clothes for darling Marcus very early on. She would constantly ask Jhon what we needed for our baby. She was a truly excited first time Tita.


A Gift from Tita Mache and Ate Mica

While in Singapore, Ate Mache and Mica did not neglect to remember baby Marcus and bought him a feeding set from Ikea. Mica could not contain her excitement and would constantly talk about the gift she bought for our baby boy. They gave this gift on the night little Marcus was born when they visited us at the hospital.


Tita Belle's Welcome Gift to Baby Marcus

After accompanying Jhon that morning I gave birth to sweet Marcus, Ate Belle went out and bought a welcome baby package for our son. The Brainy Baby consisted of baby towels, an educational stuffed dinosaur, and baby classical music CD's. She had this gift brought to Marcus that night.


Ate Cielo's Welcome Gift to Baby Marcus

Our Cielo pie bought her little cousin Marcus, a stuffed giraffe using her own saved up allowance. She excitedly gave her gift to me when they visited us that night at the hospital. I asked her to name her gift so baby Marcus will know what to call it - Buster is what she named the toy.


Kuya Miguel's Gift for Baby Marcus

Not knowing that Cielo also bought a gift, our dear Miguel bugged his Mama not to forget to send the gift he bought for baby Marcus. The two cousins coincidentally chose a stuffed giraffe for their baby cousin without knowing it. When Jhon asked Miguel what name he wanted to give the toy, he said Marky.


Ate Belle's Gift for Papa Jhon and Mama Jet

Together with Marcus' welcome gift, Ate Belle gave me and Jhon a book and a beautiful bouquet of flowers as congratulations. These gifts were sent at the hospital the night Ate Mache and the kids visited.


In memory of our dear son Marcus, we proudly display his gifts at his sanctuary. The gifts are laid nicely together with his tiny urn. We do this as a reminder of how much love he received when he was born, and how much he will forever be loved by his family.

Our little Angel Marcus is very much loved and he will forever stay in our hearts.