"There is a sacredness in tears. They are not the mark of weakness, but of power. They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues. They are messengers of overwhelming grief... and unspeakable love.” - Washington Irving

Monday, February 15, 2010

Extraordinary Love and Kindness

The day of hearts didn't really mean much to me this time around. How can I even start to think and feel love when my heart is broken. Still, our little Angel Marcus found a way to make me feel that love is all around; my heart will heal because Jet and I are blessed to have such loving and caring family and friends, but most of all each other. I've forgotten that for a moment until the end of the day.

My day started out much better than the past two days. My mind was clear, happy with the thought of Marcus. I even had the biggest breakfast I've had in weeks. I switched on the television and lounged on the couch. Was I getting better? Or just trying to ignore my thoughts and feelings to remain strong?

As our day progressed, I began replying to messages from my folks and siblings. They text us everyday to check up on us and make sure we're okay and have everything we need. Then, I suddenly found myself in the bedroom while sitting and looking at Marcus' clothes and other things, I began sobbing uncontrollably. This is when I realized that the pain is still very real and and wounds are as fresh as the first day we lost our son. Only when Jet asked if I was alright that the tears went away.

Jet and I got ready to go to church. At the mall we met our good friend, Mela, who joined us for mass along with Jet's brother Chebong, his wife Lizza, and their two children Max and Elisse. Soon after, our nephew Miguel and our niece Daniela showed up with Grandma Myrna, Tita Belle, nieces Mica, Bea... and Cielo, who was still down with the fever but joined us for mass.

At dinner, Jet and I told Ate Belle the story of the florist who went out of his way to accommodate our request to make an arrangement for Marcus, when he could've easily turned us down. Ate Belle then told us stories of amazing kindness when they were arranging everything for Marcus' service.

We were told of how people provided her with extra care and assistance as she chose Marcus' baptismal gown. The seamstress that labored till 4 a.m. to make Marcus' beautiful satin bed. Ms. Bantigue who searched all night to find the perfect urn for Marcus. The staff at the photoshop who bumped Ate Belle ahead of other customers to make sure the pictures of Marcus will be printed. Greenhills staff Gina, Joey, Jimmy and cousin Rhoda who assisted Ate Belle till the wee hours of the night. Alain & Gina Duminy, and Ate Mache who stayed up all night to make the AVP we requested. Tita Anne's friend, Hazel, a professional funeral events coordinator who provided her service for free. Our friends who showed up in such short notice, bringing whatever they could for the service. All of these tasks done within less than 24 hours for Jet and I, and most especially for our little Marcus.

The greatest of which, are family and friends who came together in the name of love to send our little Angel up in Heaven on February 9, 2010...

These were some of the stories that made Jet and I realize that Marcus brought out extraordinary love and kindness from people around us, whether they are family or friends or most especially strangers whom out of their own goodness came through. We will be forever grateful. How do we repay our family, friends, and the people who pitched in for our Marcus? The only way we can is to always be there for our family and friends. To be kind citizens and go the extra mile when people around us are in need.

My heartfelt gratitude to the florist, the saleslady at the mall, the seamstress, the salesperson at the photoshop, Ms. Bantigue, Gina, Joey, Jimmy, Hazel, Tita Anne, Rhoda, Ate Mache, Alain & Gina Duminy, our friends, and most especially to our wonderful FAMILIES, who continually help us get through our loss each and everyday. Thank you Ate Belle and Mama for making daily trips to Makati to join Marcus, Jet, and I for mass. Thank you Mom and Regina who never fail to check up on Jet and I everyday. For all those who I missed out, thank you!!! You all know who you are!

Most of all, thank you Marcus!!! Thank you for reminding Papa that love is always around and the world is still filled with selfless and kind people. I love you my son!


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